5 comments on “The Crochet Dude

  1. drgeraldstein says:

    I recently read that Colin Davis, the internationally famous musician (classical conductor) used to crochet. Of course, his obituary also stated that he kept a full length skeleton in his home. When asked about it he would say, “Just a reminder.”

    • Azi says:

      I can listen to his music and crochet, but full length skeleton is something else!!!! 😀

      • Azi says:

        I am listening to Mozart Serenade No 9 conducting by Sir Colin Davis. It’s soooo good. 🙂 Thank you Dr. Geraldstein.

  2. I believe that originally men were the knitters so it may follow that they were the ones to crochet too. It must be similar to making and mending fishing nets wouldn’t you think?

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